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Site Surveys

We survey your site taking detailed measurements with laser accuracy.

Design with us

From the comfort of your home. We design with you online. making any revisions to the draft design.

​Free design revisions

​Design of you home extension is key and we believe you shouldn’t need to pay for revisions. so we don’t charge for revisions during and after the design faze.


The One-Stop Planning and Design Service for Home Extensions - Loft Conversions and Alterations.

Architectural Service

​We provide architectural services for Builders, Homeowners, property developers, and property investors.

Whatever your property design needs we can tailor a package to suit you - whether it's one service or a discounted package, we are sure to find a service level to meet your requirements and budget.

We have several design packages that completely cover the design and submission of your applications, alternatively, you could opt to tailor our service to better suit your requirements from our range of services.

​From highly detailed house extension plans to structural calculations we cover full pre-build design services at the most competitive rates.

We are constantly checking prices to ensure we are competitively priced and we are quite confident that we offer some of the lowest rates on the net comparing like for like services.

stage 1

1. How to gain the correct approvals needed to build? 


Establish what planning approvals you require first. Full Planning, prior notice consent, and permitted development are the most common types of applications submitted for residential projects. 

Reverse Planning. sounds wired but knowing what you can build without Full planning approval allows for some assurance. Its always a good idea to see if your extension will conform to the requirements set out by permitted development rights, its basically a sure approved design frame work which if followed and the design meets all requirements guarantees approval, find out more. having said this different council interprets the requirement slightly differently so we always recommend that you gain a certificate of lawfulness.


Were a project needs to challenge standard planning policy we recommend researching the area to establish if planning has been granted for a similar development,

We have, in the past used these developments to gain leverage on our applications, gaining permission where planning would've been refused this is known as setting a precedence. a project should be sympathetically designed generally.

​Building regulations

If you plan to create a habitable room then building regulation approval will also be required. In some instances, you may also require additional approvals such as Thames water.


Understanding your neighbors right to light, privacy, bulk and materials will land you in good stead when coming up with a design that meets your needs and fulfills the planning requirement. 

With over 20 years of experience, we could advise on possible design solutions as we have probably encountered it before.

stage 2

​​​​​​​2. Prepare Plans for ​planning approval Approval

You will need to convey your ideas with a set of plans, this will need to include floor plans elevations, roof plans, ordnance survey maps. They will need to be to recognisable scale which will allow interested parties to measure from the plans directly. 

We prepare your plans from our laser ​device site survey, this increases accuracy and speed whilst ​reducing disruption allowing survey to be completed in as little as an hour .

​Building regulation Approval

​Building on the plans you have submitted for planning you will need to submit detailed plans to a larger scale to building control. ​as the name would imply building control are interested in the build-ability of your proposal, the plans will need to specify how you will meet the minimum standards set out in the regulations, it is set out in 17 parts which range from structure, drainage to materials and workmanship

​The plans will need to depict critical junctions and specify how items are composited ​to ensure they conform to specific requirements. you will also need to provide construction specification, if you plan to make structural changes then you will also require structural calculations to be submitted if your design has a large amount of glazing you will also need SAP calculations to demonstrate that thermal tolerances are sustained.

​No hassle​!

  • ​Because we know all the design services you will need we have comprised them in a no-frills low-cost package.
  • To get your project started on the right foot why not contact us today and have a quick chat.
  • If its a quote you're after, then why not ​get it today fill out our online form an receive a quote in as little as 24hrs

4. ​reviews

Mrs Alson ​/ IG11

"We wanted to build a rear extension to our Victorian semi, Sharpeplan was recommended to us by a friend who had successfully completed a loft conversion with them a few years back, and I'm pleased to also be recommending there services."

  • Project: Rear ​extension
  • ​Service: lawful development certificate + Building Regulations + Structural calculations

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free application submission

​​​Some architectural practices leave you to submit your own applications. it's very important that we submit your application so that we are able to keep abreast with any revision requests from the planning officer we also do not charge for this service, all our application are submitted online and you will receive all references.

Also, we actively seek the planning departments advice with regards to any amendments that may be required to approve your design. We have found that this streamlined and improved our success rate.


Free Design revisions

We don't take the design of your extension likely. This is why we incorporate free design revisions as standard.

We understand that you may need a few design iterations in order to realize a design finding storage spaces working out the design flow altering window and door arrangements to maximise light changing fixtures such as Islands in kitchens, door swings stair orientation are but to name a few of the things that you may request revisions on.

​5. 3-D ​plans

​​​​Plans are a way of conveying a proposed design. It takes a degree of interpretation when reviewing a standard planning drawing, you'll be surprised at how many people find this service add-on very helpful.

It's a way of seeing a design​ As built. click the button below to see what we mean....

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